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If it’s time to go shopping for a new music player so that you can have your favourite tunes wherever you go, there are a couple of things you need to consider before splashing out.

You’ll probably want one that’s small and lightweight enough that it doesn’t get in your way when training and you want to look for one with a decent battery life, so it doesn’t die on you half way through your workout.

Also you need to consider the amount of songs you’d like to put on it. Will you be happy with just a few of your favourite compilations or do you want a huge choice to choose the tunes that suit your mood. Have a think about this and then decide on the memory size you think you will need.

APPLE IPOD TOUCH 6TH GENERATION ipod-touch-6th-generation
iPod Touch is one of the best options on the market for carrying a music collection with its large storage capacity.

It has some great features such as a 4-inch display, camera and Ios so has the capacity to be a great budget gaming device.

It is a nice lightweight model, though if you already have an iPod or decent Smartphone it would probably do just as well for music playing.
Colour Options are Grey, Silver, Gold, Hot Pink, Blue, Red.

Price $220

Price $189.99 



FiiO X7 fiio-x7
Definitely one of FiiOs top MP3s with some excellent features on an easy to use device with a 4inch 480 x 800 pixel touch screen in a solid metal casing.

It has a 3,500 mAh battery with a playtime of 9hrs. A built in memory of 32GB and can take SD cards up to 128GB – So a great quality option if you have a huge music collection, though is a bit on the heavy side and battery life could be better .

Price $550



Sleek, stylish and definitely a sexy looking model with 64GB of memory built in and an awesome long battery life of up to 50 hours.

This model has excellent high resolution audio but unfortunately doesn’t come with headphones.

Price $299 



LONVE Music Player lonve
Probably the best budget 16GB MP3/MP4 on the market at the moment with some fairly good features for the money. Battery life is only a meagre 5 hours but still a model worth looking at if money is an issue.

Price $16 



ASTELL & KERN AK JRastell-kern
A classy looking player from Astell & Kern that has a 3.1 inch touch screen in a brushed aluminium body. It has a built in memory of 64GB and a memory card slot as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with headphones so you’ll need to budget for them also.

Price around $369 



The Ariaz is an affordable digital media and video player that has 8GB of memory and an estimated battery life of 45 hours if just playing music. Has a nice 2.4 inch screen though the casing is all plastic. Only useful for those who use Rhapsody’s music subscription service as doesn’t support iTunes files.

Price around $75



Sleek, lightweight MP3 player that comes in a variety of vibrant colours, that also features a Card Reader, FM Radio, Radio Recorder, Upgradable Firmware and Voice Recorder.

Only comes with 4GB of in-built memory which is enough for about 1,000 songs but does have a SD slot that can take that up to 16GB. Comes with a cheap pair of headphones you might want to upgrade but definitely an affordable music player that does the job.

Price around $72 (Manufacturer Refurbished) 



PIONEER XDP-100R pioneer
A good quality Android music player that has the capacity to hold a huge amount of music, as it has 32GB internal storage and two micro SD slots that can support 400GB between them.

This baby has the technology to play a variety of different file types and also includes wi-fi and Bluetooth. The only thing is battery life is only 16 hours and the design is a bit chunky.

Price around $444 



FiiO M3 fiio-m3
A small but pretty basic MP3 player with only 8GB of memory, but it is available for a fairly low price.

The sound quality isn’t all that and most Smartphone’s can do better though it does have a good battery life. A basic music player with no frills to talk about that will provide you with music.

Price around $50 



Yes, it is a model that has been around for a while but it is still a sleek and compact lovely looking silver music player with a great battery life.

If you want a small tried and tested music provider with 16GB of storage but no up to the date frills then this is the one for you.

Price around $129.99


Above are ten MP3 Players on the market today that may be suitable for your individual needs. They are listed in no particular order and some links will take you to listings that have the same player available from different sellers. These may also may include Manufacture Refurbished models, which can be a good alternative to consider. So take a look at what’s on offer and choose the best option for your needs and budget.

I hope you find this information on Music Players helpful and if you have any questions or comments about your experiences with any of the above MP3’s then please do leave them below.



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4 Responses

  1. Travis Smithers says:

    It is amazing how much things have changed over the years to what you can get for your money with technology for playing your music.

    I know many people like using their phones for playing music etc., but I find I like to have separate units. As you mentioned battery live is limited, and the last thing I want to do is have my phone go dead from playing music.

    You have a great selection to choose from so I’ll need to think about what I want and require to pick one out.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Travis,

      I’m pleased you liked the selection that I had looked into and yes I also like to have a separate music player from my phone. Hope you found one that was right for your budget and needs.

  2. Liz says:

    I hadn’t really thought about having a separate unit from my phone to play music until you explained the benefits of that. Now I’m considering it for when i workout and go on runs; they seem to be much smaller than phones which is nice!
    But wow…there are so many more options than I thought! It’s nice having a quick break down and description other than what’s on retail stores websites!

    • Emma says:

      Hi Liz, Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you found the information useful.

      Yes, there are quite a few different options for great music players to use when out and about or doing your training. There are also Music players perfect for swimming if that is your exercise of choice.I like to have music to motivate me and find it a lot handier having a separate device full of my favourite tunes.

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