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Most women have pretty busy and hectic lives, whether you are a full-time mum and housekeeper, have a job with long hours or a demanding career. By our nature, whatever our employment choices we still tend to take on many other different time consuming responsibilities throughout our normal week. After all a lot of the time if we don’t do them then who will?..

So, however good our intentions are it is often really hard to manage to try and find the time to start a regular exercise program and make sure it’s part of our daily routine. Or to make the right healthier eating choices even though we know that they will benefit us dramatically both in how we feel and how we look. I know from experience that it is so easy to make all the wrong choices, either because you’re just too tired at the end of a busy day or just don’t have the energy to even think about them.

I’ve learnt that by making small changes at a time these can lead to more significant ones, that can then really benefit you and become such a habit that they are just part of your normal routine.

So I’ll be regularly sharing different tips, tricks and and my experiences to help you start incorporating exercise and eating more healthily on a daily basis in little steps, that you hopefully will find useful and take on board to make changes to your lives.

If you also have any any ‘top tips’ that have worked for you and are happy to share them I’d hope you do so…


We often just need a little motivation to trigger that action button in our brains, whether it’s a quote, a picture of what we would like to look like or a real life story. I’ll be looking at all the different things that have motivated me to actually get up and act in the past and share them with you – so hopefully you will see, read or hear something that triggers your magic button. music

One of the ways that I get motivated to exercise is put on some music and especially a song that makes me want to just get up and move about. In fact music plays a big part in motivating me and making me want to do more even when I’m really not in the mood to start with.

When you read any of my motivational tips and they inspire you to get up off the sofa and take an action towards a healthier lifestyle I’d love to hear your feedback on how they affected you and what you achieved that day, no how small. Remember changing your routine and life is often better done in ‘baby steps’ that you will just automatically repeat.

My Reviews

supplementsThere are thousands of different fitness products, gadgets and supplements on the market, as well as all sorts of weird and wonderful diet and exercise ideas.

Some of which are definitely worth taking a look at whereas others make some pretty crazy claims.

When you’re striving to achieve your fitness or health goals as well as having a hectic busy life, you don’t always have to the time to properly investigate which of the products or ideas are really worthwhile trying.

This is where I’m here to help, over the years I’ve tried all sorts of different things, some of which are great and others a total waste of time and/or money.

I’ll be also investigating all sorts of different things and writing a detailed review of them, some of which you might also of already tried.

If read any of my reviews and have already tried the product yourself then please leave a comment, as I’d love to get your feedback about your experience with it also.