How to Strengthen Your Core – An Exercise You Can Do Daily…

Learn how to strengthen your core with a simple exercise that you can do daily anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Having a strong core is important as it helps keep your whole body aligned which allows all your muscles and nerves to function properly and can help prevent injuries.

how to strengthen your core

Your core consists of several muscles around your midsection and these muscles are not only the main stabilizers for your entire body, but they also protect many of your vital inner organs that are held underneath them.

By strengthening these important muscles you can not only increase the protection of your organs, but can improve your balance and stability. Having a properly aligned spine helps reduce and prevent pain as well allowing your brain to receive messages from your body more efficiently.

The core muscles include those in the abdominal area, oblique’s, lower back, pelvic and hip area and there are a lot of different exercises that you can do to strengthen all these individual muscles.

How To Strengthen Your Core

Today we will look at how to strengthen your core with one simple exercise that you can easily practice daily wherever you are.

side plank

The Plank Exercise

The Plank Exercise is a basic isometric exercise that will strengthen your entire body. There are several different variations of the plank that you can do depending on your ability and the easiest one to start off with is the elbow plank.

The Elbow Plank

To do the elbow plank just get into a position as if you were going to do a push up and then bend your elbows so they are at a 90 degree angle, with your actual elbow just below your shoulders,

Make sure you keep your body in a straight line and pull in your belly button.

Don’t let your hips, head or shoulders drop and remember to keep breathing whilst you try and hold the position for 30 seconds.

Master Plank Workout

Below is a workout that includes three different variations of the elbow plank – the basic elbow plank, the side elbow plank and the raised leg plank.

Once you can hold a basic elbow plank for 30 seconds then move onto to the next exercises. The aim is to perform each of the four exercises each day, though you can break them up and do each one at a different time of the day to start with, if you find that easier.

Plank workout

If you click on the above workout you can download a PDF to print off, if you find that more convenient.

(Both the workout picture and the attached PDF’s is courtesy of The DAREBEE Fitness Resource – which is a registered non-profit organisation.)

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere…

You can easily do these simple plank exercises anywhere whether you are at home or when you can grab a break at the office.

If you are in a sedentary office job sitting down all day these simple exercises are perfect for you as they will help prevent the bad posture that results in that nagging back pain.

Strengthening your core builds your isometric strength which can not only improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury during any fitness activity but also whilst doing your normal everyday tasks throughout the day.

Not only that but with improved posture you will move with more confidence and have you a tighter sexier sculptured mid-section. 🙂

So why not start planking today, the whole workout above will only take two minutes out of your day and you will soon reap the benefits.

Hope you enjoyed this post and start incorporating planks into your daily routine. If you have any comments or questions then please leave them below as I’d love to here from you…

Happy Training 🙂

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8 Responses

  1. Jivi says:

    The plank is truly such a perfect workout – love doing wall planks as well! And definitely will be doing that elbow plank circuit tomorrow during a layover, thanks for that!

    • Emma says:

      Hi Jivi,
      Thanks for leaving a comment and I’m pleased you found the article useful.
      Yes, planks are a great workout and I hope you enjoy doing the circuit tomorrow.

  2. mike says:

    Great ,
    i think the most important about this exercise is that You can easily do them anywhere whether you are at home or when you at the office. i like the way you simplify how to do it here i think it is encouraging. i should be doing this for my stomach . thank you for this informations .

  3. Brendon says:

    Although your site was intended for women, I stumbled across your article “How to Strengthen Your Core – An Exercise You Can Do Daily”.
    I found that the information can work for men as well, and you expossed me to a new idea!
    I will be passing your site along to the women in my life.
    thanks for a great post!,

    • Emma says:

      Hi Brendon,

      Glad you found my article useful and yes even though the site is aimed at women a lot of the information is relevant for the guys too! Thanks for stopping by to comment and I hope you do share with your female friends 🙂

  4. Vandana says:

    I had no idea that strengthening your core would be actually protecting your organs. This is one area i am completely lazy to work out. After reading this though, it makes me more motivated to do this work out. How often should one be doing these exercises, I do yoga and if I can get motivated enough Pilates, is twice a week enough?

    • Emma says:

      Hi Vandana,

      Thanks for your comment, 

      I’d try to do these simple core exercises at least two or three times a week for the maximum benefit.

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