Simple Home Workout Equipment That’s Great For Beginners

home workout equipment

Having some home workout equipment is a handy way for you to get and keep fit and healthy. You’ll have no excuse not to fit regular work outs in. Plus it can help keep you sane whilst trying to deal with life’s daily challenges.

Other great benefits of working out at home are that you save money on expensive gym memberships. You can work out at whatever time suits you. No more waiting for a piece of equipment or having to check if the last user wiped it down. There are no irritating people trying to initiate a conversation or talking loudly on their phones. You get to choose the choice of music you listen to. Plus if you need some guidance or motivation there is an abundance of online fitness workouts to choose from.

If you have the space and money you could create your own customised dream home gym. However, you don’t need to crazy and spends loads of money if you really can’t afford it. You can easily start out with a few basic pieces of home workout equipment to start your own mini home gym. Also you only need to fork out for your own home workout equipment once, whereas gym memberships fees are constantly recurring. So, below are some of my top picks for pieces of fitness kit that can help you achieve your fitness goals at home.

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Home Workout Equipment To Get You Started

home workout equipment to get you started working out at home


While body-weight exercises are an effective workout adding some dumbbells into the mix can add some variety to your fitness routine. You can start off with some light dumbbells while you perfect your form and then progress to heavier ones. They are a great way to boost your efforts in building lean muscle and burning fat. Plus the benefits of weight lifting for women are numerous and you will soon get addicted to the high that you get from completing that final set.


An alternative to using dumbbells is kettlebells which resemble a bowling ball with a thick handle. Kettlebells are great for quick yet effective full body functional fitness workouts. Unlike dumbbells the weight of kettlebells is not distributed evenly. Instead it hangs below its handle so you need to use some additional effort for all movements. As a result using kettlebells are an effective way to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and strength.

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home workout equipment

Stability Balls

Stability balls are a great tool for increasing your core strength and can help relieve lower back pain. This handy piece of home workout equipment can also be used for many exercises that require a bench and even as an alternative desk chair. These stability/balance balls come in a variety of different colours and sizes. So make sure that you choose the right sized ball for your height and needs.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are a versatile piece of fitness kit that aren’t necessarily just for yoga. They can also serve as a cushioned surface for when you are stretching, using a foam roller and even doing body weight exercises. There are so many different types and brands on the market covering a full spectrum of price ranges. When you choose one as a part of your home workout equipment it is worth investing in a decent one. Look for one that has is long enough for your needs, has a good grip and is also thick enough that it will last. Below are a few of the better quality ones that I liked on Amazon.

Workout Flooring

If you are looking for a durable workout mat/flooring that is a lot bigger than a normal yoga mat. Then these picks below are ideal. They are non-slip and robust enough to use for doing cardio, strength training, kettlebell workouts, zumba and more…

Get Fit & Healthy At Home

Get fit & Healthy at Home

Resistance Bands

Adding some resistance bands to your home workout equipment won’t take up much room. Yet these handy bright coloured fitness tools are often overlooked. Resistance bands come in all different thicknesses and sizes and are a great way to add some resistance to your home workouts.  You can use them to enhance both upper and lower body workouts and increase your strength or cardio gains. Below are some awesome resistance band sets that are not only a great addition to your home workout equipment but can also be taken with you when travelling.

If you like the idea of adding resistance bands to your workouts make sure that you check out the HASfit 30 minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout on my Ultimate list of Online Fitness Workouts post.

Booty Bands

As I’ve just covered resistance bands I can’t leave out these awesome booty bands. As females we are always looking for effective ways to work and build our booties. These mini resistance bands for our butts can do just that. They are a great way to add some resistance to lower body exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, glute bridges, leg raises and more. Plus you can also use them for upper body exercises too.

Fitness Trackers

Do you need a little accountability and constant motivation to continue on your journey to a healthier you? Then a fitness tracker may be the ideal solution for you. Fit trackers are awesome as they monitor all sorts of things like your heart rate, hourly activities, steps taken and calories burned. I love the fact that they also monitor your sleeping patterns so that you can easily see how much quality sleep you are actually getting each night. There are many different models on the market but the most popular trackers for fit girls are currently the Fitbit Versa 2, the Garmin Vivoactive and the Apple watch.

There are lots of other types of home workout equipment that you can invest in such as barbells, benches and more and I’ll cover some more of them soon. But these basics along with one of the many online home workouts that are available are ideal to get you started on your fitness journey at home. Then it’s just up to you to make working out a part of your weekly routine. Once you do you will soon feel fitter and healthier than ever and even find it easier to handle the stresses of everyday life.

Happy Training 🙂

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