Great Waterproof Music Players For Swimming – Plus Any Other Activity…

If swimming or participating in any other water sports are part of your regular exercise routine and you’d like to do them with some great motivational music then you’re going to need a waterproof music player.

These are generally pretty small compact devices that are specifically designed for underwater activities and some can allow you to use them at depth too.

Great Waterproof Music Players For Swimming – Plus Any Other Activity…


Sony Walkman NW273S


I love this compact and lightweight waterproof walkman and it’s just as comfortable to wear for running or gym work as it is for swimming.

It has a memory size of 4GB that can easily hold at least a thousand plus songs that you can listen to at 6 metres underwater. It only weighs 1.02 oz and has a battery life of 8 hours.

Best Price $199



DIVER Waterproof MP3 Player


The Diver DB-10 is a nicely priced little waterproof MP3 player that can be attached onto your swimming goggles or a headband and has hooked earphones included.

The earphones also come with an extension for ease of use out of the water. It has 4GB of memory, a rechargeable battery, extra weighs 3 ounces.

Price $39.99





FINIS is a company well known for their swimming accessories and this is an innovative MP3 player that is designed to sit on your cheekbones rather than in your ears.

It conducts crystal clear sound using Bone Conduction Audio Transmission through your cheekbones to your inner ear. It has 4GB memory, a rechargeable battery that’ll last up to 7hrs and can be taken to 3 metres.

Price $82.99



Pyle PSWP6BK Flextreme pyle

A versatile flexible wrap around waterproof MP3 headphones with 4GB of memory that is designed for swimming as well as running and other fitness activities.

It’s lightweight submersible marine grade construction only weighs about 6 ounces

Price $44.97



IPX8 mp3 player


A simple and compact underwater MP3 player, that boasts 8GB of memory and a playtime of 8 hours.

It comes in blue, pink, black or white and suitable for swimming, diving or surfing. A budget player at a great little price.

Price $19.60




Swimming is a great exercise for all ages and capabilities who wish to improve their overall fitness – if you want to know more about the benefits it can provide then have a read of my post Swimming and the benefits – Why you should be doing it!

I do like having music available whatever I’m doing as I find it motivates me to train harder and longer even when it starts getting tough. These great little compact players are perfect not only for your water-sport activities but some are ideal for when you are out for a run or doing gym work.

Above I have listed just some of the waterproof MP3 players on the market at the moment with a price range to suit all budgets. I hope you find this useful and there is one there to suit your needs. If you have tried any of these players or have any comments or questions please leave them below.

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4 Responses

  1. Filichiat says:

    Emma, and this is what most women don’t realize.
    We think our jobs is to be a mother, a wife, a partner, a friend and a daughter not realizing that in order for us to fulfil all of the above roles we need to be of good health.

    Some sites focus on fitness and health in general but you are specific you target one of the most important species on earth, and that is women.

    We have to be so many things and do so much at the same time but we can only succeed in it all if we are healthy and for us to be and remain healthy we must be fit. Thank you for sharing all this valuable information, I got very excited at your website and even more so when I saw that it was targeted at me because I love fitness but am unfortunately not always motivated to exercise.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Filichiat,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and I’m so pleased you like my site.

      Yes, is aimed specifically at women because we are important and everyone single one of us has to remember that!

      You are so right in that women have so many different roles and responsibilities that they often fail to find time to look after their own health and fitness needs.

      Thank you again for such positive feedback and I hope you come back to read my future posts and get motivated to start exercising on a regular basis again.

  2. Amberlee says:

    Wow, the world has truly evolved. That’s remarkable that we can utilise headphones to hear music as we swim. I always avoided swimming as a part of my exercise routine as I’ve always hated that I couldn’t listen to music as I workout. But, now thanks to you I am going to get myself a Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player to start swimming laps. I also picked this device as I like that it utilises bone conduction to send the music to my inner ear.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Amberlee,

      Thanks for your feedback, yes it is amazing how different technology has advanced over the years. I like music to motivate me whenever I’m exercising and it is great that there is now a wide range of waterproof music players available to chose from. I too like the FINIS DUO Underwater MP3 Player as I think it is a great innovative device that allows you to have your favourite music by using the revolutionary bone conduction technology.

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