At Home Workouts for Women – Build your Bootie…

We all want to a have lovely shapely bootie for summer and there is still time to make a difference if you start working on it today. Perhaps you don’t want to join a gym or exercise in public, but would rather start your journey to a bootiful bootie in the privacy of your own home.

Well here are some great simple exercises to start you off with, that you can easily do every week in your own living room.

Woman on beach with a great bootie

At Home Workouts for Women To Build your Bootie

If we want to have a shapely butt to be proud of it does mean that we have also have to work out the whole area surrounding it so that includes training our thighs and lower back as well, as they are all connected.

This exercise plan is designed so that even total exercise newbie’s can do it and there are three different workouts, so you will be have some variation throughout the week and will be targeting all of these major muscles in different ways.

The aim is to start of doing each of these routines one day a week with a rest day in between for the next 21 days.

Weekly Workout

Here is an example of your weekly workout but you can change the days to suit you, just make sure you do have a rest day between each workout, especially if you are new to exercising.

Monday – The Bottom Line workout

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Super Squat workout

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Killer Butt workout

Saturday & Sunday – Rest

Each of the workout routines below can be clicked to open up a PDF in a new window that you can download and print off if you find that more convenient.


Start with this routine on Day One: it is a combination of different exercises that you need to do twenty repetitions of before moving on to the next one. Try to do each exercise in a slow controlled manner for the most benefit.

Bottom line - Bootie workout


This is your second routine for the week and consists of different variations of squats. When you go down into a squat position pretend you are putting your butt on a chair and try to get it as low as possible.

Be sure to keep your back straight and try to contract your stomach muscles. Squats are awesome exercises as they will hit your glutes and thighs but can also strengthen your back and tone up your belly too.

Squat workout


This is the third workout for the week and includes some great leg training exercises used by those who practice kickboxing and other martial arts.

Again try and do each exercise in a controlled manner and work towards getting your leg as high as you can.

killer butt workout

Different Levels

You can also see on each workout that there are three different levels for you to aim for with a ‘two minute rest period’ between each set.

Week One – Do Three Sets of each exercise

Week Two – Go for Four Sets

Week Three – Aim for Five Sets

Make sure you take the time to warm down and stretch out all your muscles properly after workout so that they can recover properly. If you don’t you could have trouble sitting on the loo especially the day after your squat workout! 🙂

Also be sure to be eating enough calories and that your protein intake is high enough to feed and build your lovely new muscles. Have a look at my post on top apps for some different options to track your food intake if you think that one will may be helpful for you.

Consistency is Key

Remember you do need to be consistent and workout your bootie and thighs three times a week if you want to see any results in just three weeks. Yes it’s going to start getting harder as you go along but the results will be worth it!

Why not take some before photos and measurements or try on a pair of your favourite jeans to see what your starting point is now.

Stay off those scales though! – As they are likely to go up when you start training these major muscles regularly some of it will be due to water retention…

I’m not telling you that you will have the bootie of your dreams at the end of three weeks, but you can start to make a difference and if you start to try these workouts at home today will soon be working towards getting there.

If you start using this workout then please let me know how you are getting on and if you have any questions or comments, then please do leave them in the box below.

Happy Training!


The above three workout pictures of ‘The Bottom Line’ ‘Super Squats’ and ‘Killer Butt’ and the attached PDF’s are courtesy of The DAREBEE Fitness Resource – which is a registered non-profit organisation.

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6 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    I just might try this booty workout. Ugh! I will share on Pinterest! Thanks.

  2. Win Bill says:

    These are very good exercises. They also seem very easy to learn for everybody. I also like the fact that you listed them at different levels which indicates different amounts of intensity. It makes sense because as you get better you can do more and work harder. My wife just gave birth a few months ago. There’s nothing she wants the most other than to get back into shape quickly. I think she will love these exercises. Do you think she needs to get a yoga mat to do them?

    • Emma says:

      Hi Win,

      Congratulations on the birth of your child, I hope mum and baby are both healthy and happy 🙂

      Yes, these exercises are really easy for anyone to follow, but I’d get your wife to just check with her doctor first that it is alright for her to be doing them yet.

      You don’t need a yoga mat to do them, but I use one for my stretching exercises that I always do after exercise.

  3. Jojo says:

    These are all good exercises. I once built an entire website about getting a bigger butt and it draw a lot of visitors. Nothing on a woman is as sexy a well rounded booty.
    Once all these exercises becomes easy to do it is time to add some weight to them. Bigger muscles is built by heavy resistance and soo as you get stronger you need to increase the resistance to make your butt continue to grow.
    Thanks for a good post.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Jojo,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m pleased you enjoyed the article.

      It was aimed at the total exercise newbies to try and get more women to start doing some exercise. Yes, I agree that once these exercises become easy, then it is time to add some weights as increased resistance is the way to build muscle.  As my tagline says ‘Strong is the New Sexy!’

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