An Affordable Health & Fitness Tracking Smartwatch You’ll Love

FitTrack Atria - An Affordable Health & Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

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When you are on a journey to improve your health and wellness it can sometimes be a struggle to constantly stay motivated and on track. That is when a fitness tracking Smartwatch can come in handy! Wearing one is like you have your own personal health and wellness coach with you all day every day…

There are an abundance of different types of fitness trackers and smartwatches from brands such as Fitbit, Garmin and Apple etc. on the market. These devices come with varying price tags and degrees of capabilities. FitTrack have now joined the ranks of these well-known brands with their own Fitness Tracking Smartwatch. Their Atria is an affordable no nonsense fitness smart watch that is well worth considering. It helps you to track and monitor your health and fitness along with keeping you up to date with important notifications from your Smartphone all for under $100.

Why Choose The Atria Fitness Tracking Smartwatch?

The FitTrack Atria can help you to understand your overall health, train more effectively and take the right steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Atria Fitness Tracking Smartwatch tracks:

  • Heart Rate – it accurately tracks your heart rate, shows you your resting heart rate trends to help you monitor and improve your cardio fitness levels.
  • 7+ Exercise Modes – Including: walking, running, basketball, elliptical, hiking, yoga, and cycling.
  • Monitors Activity Levels – Showing you the amount of time that you are active throughout the day and motivates you to get moving if you are sitting down for too long.
  • Counts Your Daily Steps – plus distance that you cover each day
  • Calories Burnt – Helps you keep track of the calories that you burn through exercise.
  • Guided Breathing Sessions – Personalised calming breathing sessions offered based on your heart rate for when you need to just sit and chill out.
  • Sleep Quality – Tracks the different stages of your sleep and provides you with personal insights to help you improve and get a better night’s sleep.

Who Are FitTrack? is a company that was founded in 2013 by CEO Nicolas Festl, CFO Maximilian Maurer and CTO Bernhard Hackl. Their mission is to build an effective eco-system that can support the health and well-being of its users. FitTrack’s goal is to provide easy to use health and fitness devices and apps that will help people understand their bodies. Therefore be able to achieve optimal levels of health and wellness. They currently have over 120,000 active users of their Dara Smart BMI Scale and Aria fitness tracking Smartwatch. FitTrack are constantly researching, analysing data and updating their products. They believe in their products so much that they give you a free 30 day Risk Free Trial to try them out.

Your Personal Health & Wellness Coach in a Smartwatch

The FitTrack Atria is there to track all your relevant health and fitness data and motivate you 24 hours a day, every day. Plus the long battery life means that you can go at least 7 days without you needing to recharge it.

You can easily look back at any of your tracking history to monitor your progress so far. Though the app that goes with the Atria can be a little confusing to navigate. The device motivates you with regular reminders throughout the day to get up and move your body. You can listen to your favourite music picking the best songs and playlists to motivate you straight from your wrist.

Plus you get push notifications from your Smartphone, for your favourite social media apps such as Facebook. You can also see if you get any texts or calls, though you can’t actually respond to them via your Atria.  

FitTrack Atria - Your Personal Health & Wellness Coach in a Smartwatch

FitTrack Atria – A Fitness Tracking Smartwatch for Under $100

The Atria by is an affordable fitness tracking Smartwatch well worth considering. This handy little device is great for tracking and monitoring your general health and fitness. It is the ideal motivational tool to keep you on track no matter your age or fitness level. It has an awesome battery life of at least 7 days. Plus it keeps you up to date with any important notifications from your Smartphone all for under $100…

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