Hi, I’m Emma the Creator of Healthy Fit Females

I’ve had a love for healthy eating and fitness since my early 20’s when I realised just how much they could positively affect your mind and body.

Life can get busy though and there have been times over the years; when my eating habits have not always been the best and training has gone totally out of the window… So I have also seen and suffered all the consequences of letting these healthy habits escape from my daily routine.  

I am now in my fabulous fifties and love hitting the weights on a regular basis and living a healthy lifestyle. Here I want to share my personal journey with you and why I created Healthy Fit Females.

Creator of Healthy Fit Females

My Journey…

As a child I was brought up in a house where everything seemed to be focused around food and a lot of it was really unhealthy. There was always an abundance of cakes, biscuits and other sugary snacks that you were encouraged to eat. This resulted in me becoming overweight and I seemed to be always getting teased at school as a kid. I was really unhappy with the way I looked and felt and by the time I was a teenager, I’d got into the habit of deliberately throwing up after meals in an attempt to control my weight. My relationship with food was still terrible as I got older and I was regularly comfort eating and going on crazy binges followed by purging myself.

Discovering A Healthier Lifestyle

Finally this way of thinking was all changed in my early 20’s when I was introduced to the gym at the local leisure centre. I was fascinated to find out how you could totally change your body through regular exercise and the proper nutrition.

So, I was soon weight training on a regular basis and started to get into better eating habits. Slowly I not only saw my body changing to something I was happy with, but became a stronger more confident female both mentally and psychically. I then went on to try all different types of fitness activities finding I also loved kick boxing and scuba diving.

Sharing My Passion…

It wasn’t long before I wanted to share my passion with others, so I became trained as a Fitness Instructor and began working at the local gym. I went on to train in Soft Tissue Therapy with the London School of Sports Massage and also worked part-time as a Sports Massage Therapist.

I’ve continued to research and learn about different aspects of fitness, health and nutrition over the years. Especially how making the right healthy choices can benefit women physically and emotionally. I created this site to share my knowledge and experiences to hopefully give you ladies the information and motivation you need to become the best version of you!

So if you have any comments or questions please do leave them below my posts as I’d love to hear your views and am here to help if I can.

Have a Great Day!

Aim to be the healthiest, strongest version of you…
Lift Regularly, Eat healthy, Laugh often!