Hi, I’m Emma a female with a passion for health and fitness.

I’ve been interested in health and fitness most of my adult life ever since I realised the importance that it can play. However I have not always found the time that I should have to devote to it and have therefore also seen the consequences of letting it escape from my daily routine for long periods of time.

My Journey

As a child I brought up in a house where everything focused around food and you were constantly encouraged to eat more. This resulted in me being overweight and getting teased a lot at school and then having an eating disorder when I was a teenager. I was constantly unhappy with the way I looked but was told it was in my ‘genes’ and therefore would always be that way.

This way of thinking all changed when I was introduced to the gym at the local leisure centre, I was fascinated to see and hear how you could totally change your body through exercise and the proper nutrition. I not only started training but also took several courses in different aspects of fitness, even becoming qualified as a gym instructor.

I changed my diet, spent lots of time in the gym as well as trying other different activities including scuba diving. I not only slowly saw my body changing to something I was happy with, but became a stronger more confident female both mentally and psychically.

However, I did let this healthy lifestyle slip for several years when I had a stressful job and then when I decided I’d had enough of life in England and just wanted to leave everything behind and travel the world. As a result my weight slowly piled back on over the years and I knew I seriously needed to get back on track!  I finally ended up settling in Thailand and started scuba diving again regularly and doing all the training to become a Scuba Diving Instructor. It was hard work starting exercising again and looking at my correct nutritional needs, but it soon became a way of life.  

I am now well over 40, love hitting the weights on a regular basis and eating healthy food every day.

Why I Created Healthy Fit Females

I’m constantly reading and researching about different aspects of health and nutrition and how they can benefits us both physically and psychologically as we get older. I created this site to share my experiences and everything I learn. And hopefully give you ladies the information and motivation you need to create that stronger sexy body that you deserve to have.

So if you have any comments or questions please leave them below my posts as I’d love to hear your views and am here to help if I can. Also make sure you come back and visit my site regularly as I’ll be constantly updating it with lots of new tips and tricks and advice.

Aim to be the healthiest, strongest version of you…
Lift Regularly, Eat healthy, Laugh often!