About Emma…


Thank You for visiting and taking the time to read Healthy Fit Females. 🙂

I’m Emma the creator of this site and I’ve been interested in different aspects of health and fitness practically most of my adult life, ever since I realised the huge importance that it can play both to my body and my mind.

However I will admit though, I have not always found the time that I should have to devote to regular exercise and have therefore also seen and felt the dire consequences of letting it escape from my daily routine for long periods of time.

My Journey…

As a child I was brought up in a house where everything focused around eating food and not only was most of it unhealthy choices, but you were constantly encouraged to eat more of it. This resulted in me being overweight and getting teased a lot at school and then suffering from an eating disorder when I was a teenager.

I was constantly unhappy with the way I looked but was told it was in my ‘Genes’ and therefore would always be that way. For a while I resigned myself to the fact that I would always be overweight just like most of the other women in my family and that I would always have to struggle to find nice stylish clothes in my size.

My Revelation…

This way of thinking all changed when I was introduced to the gym at the local leisure complex and it was a revelation! I was absolutely fascinated to see and hear how you could totally change your body through the correct regular exercises and the proper nutrition. Literally straight away I not only started regularly strength training, but also ended up taking several courses in different aspects of fitness and nutrition, even becoming qualified as a Gym Instructor and a Sport’s Massage Therapist.

I changed my diet, spent a lot of time in the gym as well as trying other different great activities such as kick boxing and scuba diving. Not only did I see my body slowly changing to something I was happy with, but also became a stronger more confident young female who was happy in her self.

However I have let this healthy lifestyle slip now and again for years at a time, either when I have had a stressful job with long hours and also when I decided I’d had enough of life in England and left to travel and explore the world for a while.

As a result of neglecting regular exercise and not eating a proper healthy diet my weight just slowly piles back on again, until I get to the stage where I know that I seriously need to get back on the right track.

It was hard work starting exercising again and looking at my correct nutritional needs, but I knew that I could do it and so it soon became just a normal way of life again. I am now well over 40 and love that I feel good in myself and can still always find clothes that fit me, even though I live in a country where the sizing is more geared towards the Asian market.

Why I created this site…

I’m regularly reading and researching about all the different aspects of health and nutrition and how they can benefit us both physically and psychologically in our busy lives. I’m especially interested in how our bodies need different things both as females and also as we slowly get older.

I created Healthy Fit Females so that I could share my experiences and everything useful that I have learnt on my journey, as well as all the new valuable information that I come across.

My aim is to hopefully give you ladies the right information and motivation you need to create that Stronger Sexy body that you also deserve to have!

So if you have any comments or questions please either leave them below one of my posts or by using the contact form.

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I’d love to hear from you and am always here to help other females if I can. Also please make sure you come back and visit my site regularly as I’ll be constantly updating it with lots of new interesting and useful information and advice.

Take care and Happy Training! 🙂

Founder and Creator of Healthy Fit Females.
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